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The smartphone apps that takes advantage of context-aware beacon technology to deliver discounts, new-product promotions and other alerts to the smartphones of shoppers, as they stroll past stores and restaurants.


Give users personalized offers. Deliver discounts, new-product promotions and other alerts to the smartphones, as you stroll past stores, restaurants, malls and other commercial areas. Give companies the possibility to make decisions based on what type of users they have and what those users are doing.


To get access to Pusho all you have to do is download the smartphone app from Play Store or App Store,sign-up with our email or with your Facebook account.

By connecting your store to Pusho, you will become visible in the “nearby offers” screen that shows all nearby stores and their affiliated offers.
+ - All offers
List of merchants contains stores that have at least one global offer and stores whose offers were collected
+ - Nearby offers
List of merchants that have offers near the user (7m – 10m – 20m). If user is walking near the store the offers are collected and will be displayed in the user’s offers. The offers are collected even if the application is closed. When user will open the application the offers will appear in the users’s offers. The condition to collect the offers is to enable the Bluetooth on the mobile phone.
+ - Full picture offer
When user taps on a store from previous screen it is displayed the list of offers of that store. User will browse between offers by swiping: from right to left or from left to right.
+ - Claim offer
When user presses Claim Offers the voucher is generated and he / she can use it to buy the offer. If the offer is claimed the user can see his / her voucher in the offer details screen anytime as long as the voucher is not used. The voucher can also cost tokens, so the user must have a certain amount of points to get it.
Discreet 100%
Focus 100%
Battery efficient 100%


All iPhones newer than the iPhone 4s and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 that support Android 4.3 or newer such as a Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Pusho Platform

Get instant access to offer management and beacon configuration tools along with heat-maps and an amazing set of analytics meant for a clean and easy readout.

Among many of the platform features, one of the most important ones is the availability of a functionality that allows merchants to create target based offers. Age, gender, shopping interests, gained tokens or proximity to beacons are just some of the ways offers can be targeted. The offers may have assigned vouchers or not. Even if the merchant have many store locations they can manage offers to be targeted to a specific location or to many locations. In short, the merchant manages the display of offers on mobile apps through custom made offers.

Merchants have the possibility to group the offers in marketing campaigns, by defining campaign’s schedulers. These are couple of features we provide to help stores create extraordinary location based experience for users.

analytics1 analytics2 analytics3

Pusho platform records and analyses user interactions with iBeacons. You can view real-time reports including: Offers viewed, Received, Vouchers taken based on last 30 days, last 7 days, etc. Top viewed offers, top received offers; Top visited locations; Demographics – visits based on age group. Analytics set can be enriched based on your needs.

Heat-map and traffic map are our special platform features that allow merchants to see their store plan enriched with the valuable information, like time spent by customers in a specific area, number of visits or traffic maps.

Get instant access to offer management and beacon configuration tools along with heat-maps and an amazing set of analytics meant for a clean and easy readout.

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